Book Marketing for Smart People

Book marketing is a matter of life and death for an author.

You just can’t write a book and expect people to know about it, much less buy it.

You need to get the word out. You need to create the buzz around your book that gets readers to discover your book but, more importantly, to buy your book.

You want reviewers, agents, editors and publisher to take notice of you.

Without a book marketing campaign, in short, you’re dead in the water. All the hard work and time you spent writing the book will be for naught.

The problem: How do you market your book without going broke?

Traditional book publicity campaigns typically charge their clients $15,000 or more dollars for just a three- or four-month campaign.

The solution: I specialize in helping authors establish an author platform and develop a marketing plan so that they can start to get the word out about their book.

Every successful book marketing campaigns rests on two fundamental pillars:

•First, you need to establish an author platform. You need a blog or website to let your readers discover who you are and learn about your book.

•Second, you need to design a strategy that has the potential to grow your audience, your fans. In marketing, it’s called traffic. In the publishing world, it’s called readership.

That’s where I come in. I’m GK Zachary and I have nearly 15 years of experience in the media and in the publishing world. I’m a partner at Susan Schwartzman Public Relations.  I’ve worked at The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. Top publishing houses that have asked me to write copy for them include Simon & Schuster, Wiley, Harper-Collins, Houghton-Mifflin, St. Martin’s Press, and many more.

I’ve written media copy for celebrity authors including Donald Trump, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, top chefs such as Rocco DiSpirito and Paula Deen, and sports legends such as Terrell Owens, Bobby “The Brain” Hennan, and Burt Sugar.

What I can do for you: Pro Book Marketing is designed for authors on a limited budget who nonetheless want to create a professional author platform and plot a successful book marketing strategy.

Pro Book Marketing can help you achieve these two crucial goals for a fraction of what a traditional book publicity firm or indy book publicist would charge.

We’ll work one-on-one together.  Unlike many book publicity firms, I only take on a limited number of clients each season, so you can be assured of personalized attention.

Better yet, I will not only create an author platform for you but I will also give you book marketing strategies you can use long after our collaboration is over. You’ll be able to use them for your next book and beyond.

If this is a good fit for you, then here’s what you need to do right now to get started:

How to get started: Fill out the form below or call me at my toll-free at 877-571-7285. Ask questions. We’ll arrange a free 30-minute consultation by telephone or e-mail. If you think we’ll be a good fit and you feel comfortable enough to want to take the next step, then I’ll customize a strategy specifically tailored for your book.

Whether or not you choose to take your book to the next level, I wish you all the best in your effort to become a successful author.

GK Zachary
Owner, Pro Book Marketing

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